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By Johnny Isiah on January 5, 2016

Trump 2016

There are a grand total of 4 specs you can play with Cable, including a "No-spec", a "melee" spec, a "gun" spec, and a mental spec. All of them offer some variety in gameplay. My favorite has got to be the gun spec and the melee spec.

Melee spec is a little squishy and may pose problems in end game. The gun spec plays similarly to the melee specs, with the same amount of cooldown power and stuff, albeit at range.

The no-spec has 3 AOE you have to maintain at all time. IT's a little hectic for me to play.

All in all, the post-review Cable is great fun. He's viable in almost all content.


Not enough data

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Cable (hero) Reviewed by Johnny Isiah on . Score: 79